Hypnotherapy for Stress and Anxiety

50,000 years ago, having anxiety was actually a gift. Anxiety itself is a 2,000,000 year old template that’s evolved in our brains to ensure our survival. It successfully kept us on high alert, away from danger and helped us survive against things like sabretooth tigers and other wild animals and tribesmen.

However, times have changed, sabretooth tigers are nowhere to be seen yet this software in our brain remains. No longer do we wonder if we’re going to be eaten but instead we worry about “what others think of me” and for many of us, this software in our brain gets completely out of control and makes us feel like life will never return to normality again. As someone who suffered from anxiety and panic attacks in the past I can empathise with how terrifying and debilitating this experience can be.

It can affect us all in different ways but some of the more common symptoms include.

  • Generalised feelings of anxiety

  • Panic attacks

  • Irritability

  • Headaches

  • Nausea/vomiting (especially in the morning)

  • Insomnia or poor sleeping patterns

  • Obsessive or compulsive behaviours

  • Change in eating habits

  • Worsening of existing health problems, such as IBS, eczema, psoriasis

Hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety has proven itself time again to be a reliable and effective method in reducing these symptoms and in some cases eliminating anxiety all together.

Thankfully there’s enough data out there that shows that we don’t need to dig back in the past and relive any trauma or negativity to do this, instead we can work together to retrain that part of your mind in a solution focused way so you can respond in a calm and relaxed manner in all situations.

hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety

Take some time. Treat yourself. Let’s make a change.


Hypnotherapy for Stress and Anxiety Case Study

When Lucy came to see me, she was in a consistent state of fight or flight and constantly found herself overthinking in a negative way that begun to feel like a downward spiralling loop that she was stuck in – eventually causing panic attacks. She was in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend and her anxiety was beginning to drive them apart. There were lots of limiting beliefs holding her back from being the person she knew deep down she was more than capable of being.

After several sessions together she found her confidence increasing, her relationship started improving and she began to have many more empowering beliefs about herself that created an upward spiral to feeling like herself.

Fortunately, I’m pleased to see transformations like Lucy’s happen frequently.  This is what she said about the experience.

“Lester is a fantastic Hypnotherapist who supports individuals to explore their thoughts in a rational and non judgmental way. Since attending Lester’s classes and individual sessions, much of what he has taught me has crossed over into everyday life. The whole experience has been really positive and allowed me deal with certain thoughts/feelings that have been holding me back. Thank you Lester.”


Take some time. Treat yourself. Let’s make a change.