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Thank you for visiting my site. If you’re reading this, then there’s a chance that at least one of these might sound familiar to you?

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What My Clients Say

All of these clients were sceptical about hypnotherapy. They had tried other avenues in the past but left dissapointed. Not all hypnotherapy is the same. Contrary to popular belief, making change doesn’t have to take years. As you can see, it can sometimes take minutes.

Anger & Body Shame Gone in 40 Minutes

Andrew had spent the last 2 decades living with a harsh inner critic, anger, feelings of inadequacy and body shame.
After a total of 40 minutes of Hypnosis, Andrew burst into laughter and has since described our sessions as some of the most incredible moments of his life. He now lives completely free of the negative beliefs and thoughts that were holding him back.

Binge Eating & Weight Loss Gone in 30 Minutes

Susie spent her entire life on and off diets. She tried everything from Atkins to shakes, to bars to groups only to find herself binge eating and regaining the weight. She even had 10 sessions of Hypnotherapy in the past with no success. Binge eating to her was a battle. After 30 minutes of hypnosis with me, she successfully no longer identifies as someone who binge eats and is losing weight in a sustainable and effortless way.

Depression & Anxiety Gone in 30 Minutes

6 Months of counselling, 1 month of CBT, 12 months of medication and 2 months of hypnotherapy. Abbey had dedicated a small fortune, not to mention years of her time to reducing her anxiety and depression. We did a total of 30 minutes of Hypnosis. This video testimonial was made a few days after our session but was sent to me one month after she made it as she couldnt believe the results were sustainable.

Panic Attacks & Anxiety Medication, Gone For Good.

After experiencing his first panic attack as a teen, Jack was soon then labelled with general anxiety disorder. Having tried other therapies over the years, he was ready to stop talking about the past and instead create a compelling future. Jack didn't just successfully come off of his medication with the safety of a doctor, he transformed every area of his life during our sessions.

My Hypnotic Satisfaction Guarantee

Hypnotherapy may feel like a “risk” for you. You may not know what to expect, and despite the want for it to desperately work, what if it doesn’t?

It’s for this reason, I offer my hypnotic satisfaction guarantee. During our initial consultation, we’ll work together to create a vision on what progress looks like for you. If by the end of our time working together, you haven’t seen progress – You get your money back.

Why Choose Scott Lester Woods Hypnotherapy Plymouth?

There are over 100 hypnotherapists in Plymouth! So why choose me?

There are three simple answers.

Because I genuinely care

I know what you’re going through

I actually get the RESULTS you’re looking for

The “hypnotherapist” is usually the last person to get the call after the counsellor, the cbt therapist, support group and when medication doesn’t achieve the result the person wanted.

But the response I get is always the same.

“I wish I called you first.”

Trust me, you’re in the best hands, and no…you will not be dancing like a chicken!

Seriously, despite the cheesy tag line and jolly tone, I know from experience that living a life filled with fear, self sabotage and low confidence is no way to live. I’ve been there. You can read more about my story if you wish.

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Throughout my years of practice within face to face and online sessions, group events and my online hypnosis channel, the numbers speak for themselves.

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If you have any concerns, questions or exciting updates in between consultations, you have unlimited access to me via email before your next session.

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Our treatment plans are tailored to your specific needs, providing you a clear path to success.

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