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Scott Lester Woods – Plymouth Based Hypnotherapist.

My name is Scott Lester Woods, my friends and clients call me Les or Lester.

For the last 7 years, I have worked as a highly skilled and fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist working at the prestigious Park Lane Clinic on Mutley Plain in Plymouth. I am an accredited member of the national council of hypnotherapy which means that I not only abide by a strict code of ethics but that my approach is also solution-focused and person-centred. Your safety and wellbeing will always come first.

The feedback from my clients is that I am empathetic, knowledgeable and passionate whilst being professional. My job is to have you smiling in every session! There’s no reason why change can’t be fast and fun. (Please see my testimonials below.)

I’ve learned first-hand how hypnotherapy can make lasting change.

My journey started 8 years ago working in a stressful corporate role. Serious brain fog became the norm, my energy dropped and so did my mood, It didn’t take long before I started suffering from depression, anxiety and I soon became obese weighing 23 stone!

Using the tools I now share with my clients I was able to make my own transformation physically and mentally.

  • Neuro-linguistic Programming

  • Cogntitive Behavioural Therapy  

  • Emotional freedom techniques  

I’ve also trained with the famous Iceman Wim Hof to learn the benefits of cold exposure therapy and lived in a Buddhist centre for two years to learn in depth the emotional and intellectual benefits of mindfulness meditation.


Having a variety of tools available as and when needed puts me in the privileged position of tailoring each session to your needs, making your journey to the best version of you quicker and smoother.

Scott Lester Woods
Scott Lester Woods
Using the tools I now share with my clients I was able to make my own transformation physically and mentally.


“Lester really helped me develop my thinking skills and putting things into perspective, helped broaden my horizon and think before I act, before seeing lester my life was taking a massive change with out his help and his guidance I’m not sure I would be where I am today. …”


“Lester is one of the most infectious, enthusiastic and interesting individuals I have been taught by. I always really looked forward to his sessions and would come out of them with a renewed vigour for life. His passion for his subject and for life shone out of him. It was a real pleasure to be helped by him. I look forward to the new year and some new learning.”


“Lester has helped me immeasurably. A great hypnotherapist with a superb process that helps you reframe your life in a positive constructive way. He helps you get back to what truly makes you as an individual happy . He doesn’t spout mumbo jumbo – everything is backed up by science and practical tips. I can’t recommend him highly enough !!”


“My mum had treatment with Lester for insomnia, she was suffering and not in the best place. After just one session with Lester I noticed a difference, after around 5 my mum was back to her normal self and much happier. I would most definitely recommend Lester in the future thank you so much for your help.”


Take some time. Treat yourself. Let’s make a change.